Monitor your campaigns for better data-driven decisions.

Set the relevant KPIs for your campaigns and get real-time insights about your performance on all channels in a single dashboard. It’s the easiest way to see which channels are providing great ROI and if perhaps it might be time to introduce new creative ideas into your marketing mix.

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Personalize your KPIs

Select the most important KPIs for your business objectives and monitor them for all your campaigns and channels.

Save time

Synchronized graphics help you see your campaign performance across all channels in a matter of minutes.

Save money

Get detailed information by focusing on specific days and get actionable insights that help you optimize campaigns.

Optimize your campaign mix

Daily performance - With Sether you can check the daily performance indicators for your campaigns simultaneously, so you can easily compare results and identify new opportunities.

Future trends - The Sether platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to learn about your brand’s audience and campaign performance and identify relevant trends that can help you optimize for future growth.

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