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We are committed to controlling and measuring the effects of your advertising budget, along with the impact it has on your brand. Even if we need to completely change how advertising works in order to do that.

We are a mix of highly trained advertising professionals and skilled developers, brought together by our common aspirations regarding the advertising work-flow.

Any user of this platform is a fair player in the industry. Working with us ensures your high business ethics will work in your favor, even in the most chaotic market. That’s because our system imposes client transparency and impartial campaign evaluation.

It’s not easy renewing old institutions like advertising, so we need all the support we can get. This is why we kept our base services accessible, any brand can use our monitoring system for free.


We use Blockchain technology to mediate and automate payments, monitoring the online market and all communication channels using data ingestion and analytics tools, automatically gathering results and synchronizing them with the platform.

All data operations comply with GDPR regulations.

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Win pitches. By offering to work in a transparent medium that measures all the KPIs involved and regulates the payments according to results, you secure the client’s trust and present a unique guarantee of your commitment to the project, offering fair treatment for both parties, according to results.





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