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In order to navigate today’s technology-powered world, marketers need the right digital tools. That’s why we designed Sether, a monitoring tool that allows users to follow their campaigns on multiple platforms and keep eye on their brand’s digital presence, all within a single dashboard.

about sether

Our team of developers uses complex technologies to keep things as simple and as useful as possible. We are committed to making Brand Management and Campaign Management accessible and easy to use for cpc-specialists and small business owners alike. So, the Sether platform offers a complete centralized overview of your brand’s digital profile by connecting seamlessly to Social Media ad accounts and Google’s advertising systems, while also scanning the world wide web for keywords relevant for your brand.

Right now, Sether is a promising mar tech start-up built with strong values and an even stronger love for data, but we’re intent on growing fast through determination, innovation and, last but not least, cooperation. If you want to grow together sign up for our monitoring services, they’re free.


We use Block-chain technology to mediate and automate payments, monitoring the online market and all communication channels using data ingestion and analytics tools,automatically gathering results and synchronizing them with the platform.

All data operations comply with GDPR regulations.

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Win pitches. By offering to work in a transparent medium that measures all the KPIs involved and regulates the payments according to results, you secure the client’s trust and present a unique guarantee of your commitment to the project, offering fair treatment for both parties, according to results.





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