Take Control of
your ad campaigns

& Pay-per-effect
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KPI Monitoring

Set and supervise KPIs
cross-platform for free.

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Media Monitoring

Scan the web for mentions about your
brand, and analyse the data according
to set parameters.

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Review Monitoring

Find all ratings and reviews about a
certain product, analyse and engage
them all from your dashboard.

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Change how you manage
your campaigns


Take control of your online advertising, use your campaign KPIs to pay your agency only for what it accomplished, not more, not less.

Overview the KPIs
for your campaign

See the effects of your campaign, while keeping costs at a minimum. You’ll have a cross-platform monitoring dashboard to tell you how your campaign and individual KPIs are performing so you can act upon them accordingly.

Find out who’s talking
about you

Understand the market, measure the general sentiment about your brand or product and aggregate ratings about your product, or the competition.

Get all ratings and reviews
for anything

Select from the web and analyse only the reviews and ratings about a product, brand or service. Engage your users, rate or comment on all social platforms right from your dashboard.

Monitor the platforms
you already use in one place

Sether can connect to your social media platforms  in order to monitor and report on the KPIs you should follow in your advertising campaigns.

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