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SETHER opens up the Blockchain to marketers everywhere, powering Smart Contracts with previously unavailable data from Social Networks.

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Why Data Oracles?

Nowadays, everybody can encode rules in smart contracts for offering transparency to their clients and partners. In many practical cases these rules need information from outside Blockchain.

This can only be achieved with Data Oracles that inject relevant data into smart contracts, without breaking the transparency paradigm.

Why Social Marketing specialized?

Existing Data Oracles focus on offering users a generic data gateway with access to virtually all kinds of data sources. This ads a layer of complexity for those who need to develop marketing oriented distributed applications.

Moreover, the costs of a specialized API can be considerably lower by providing meaningful data with less API calls. Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn offer their own APIs with various flows, costs and development lifecycles.

A specialized Data Oracle hides this complexity and answers marketing questions in less payable requests.


SETHER is the only Data Oracle specialized in Social Networks requests. It is easy to get started. We offer you a monitoring dashboard, a complete KPI API interface and great documentation and support.

Make your first steps here.

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