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Campaign Performance or Brand Reputation? Both.

Sether is a digital marketing tool designed to help marketers in their endeavors. At Sether we believe that your digital efforts should help you get the best insights, help you foster meaningful relationships with your customers and enable you to achieve greatness at any given moment. And managing your campaigns has never been easier with the help of our tool. A single dashboard comprising everything you need because we trully want to simplify and bring the most important elements within your reach. Build a great digital imprint by constantly monitoring brand mentions and reviews. All with Sether.

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Monitor your digital profile in a single dashboard

Upgrade your brand’s digital profile. With Sether, you get all the information you need about your brand’s digital presence in a single intuitive dashboard that includes both campaign performance and keyword monitoring.

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campaign monitoring

Campaign Monitoring

Select which KPIs you want to follow cross-platform and make better data-driven decisions using our responsive graphics.

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media monitoring

Media Monitoring

Choose the relevant keywords for your brand, scan the web for mentions, learn what your customers are thinking and gain insights about your brand and your competitors.

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review monitoring

Review Monitoring

Each review counts. Keep track of all relevant reviews, and start building positive relationships by engaging directly with customers.

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Optimize according to YOUR goals


Monitor your brand’s digital presence, interact directly with customers reviews, get real-time analysis of your campaigns, evaluate channels and optimize.

brand managers
Brand Managers

Follow all the important keywords relevant for your brand and industry and make sure you always know what your customers are thinking.

business owners
Business Owners

Get control of your business in the digital world. Gain insight about your campaign performance and your brand’s digital profile in a simple easy to follow dashboard.


Optimize your workflow and monitor all the relevant data for each client by personalizing each dashboard.

Sether Blockchain API

SETHER is the only Data Oracle specialized in Social Networks requests. It is easy to get started. We offer you a monitoring dashboard, a complete KPI API interface and great documentation and support.

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