Why Are Social Mentions so Important for Your Business?

We keep hearing how important it is to track social mentions and especially, how important they are for one’s business. But why this big buzz around them, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, social mentions are a fountainhead of information when it comes to both your brand and your customers. So, you would not really want to ignore that. Knowledge is power and social mentions are there to help you out with strengthening your business.

On the one side, they harness brand awareness and help with driving lead generation and on the other hand, the insights you get about your audience cannot really get any more authentic than this. The feedback people share online about your brand will help you improve, develop long-lasting relationships, and why not innovate, with the right mindset.

Social Mentions will bring you insights about many aspects of your business, as you can get information varying from public relations, product, marketing, customer service.

What is a Social Mention?

A Social Mention can be defined as an individual occurrence of your brand’s name or of a hashtag you might have created and subsequently, monitored within the space of social media. Social mentions can be positive or negative in terms of the feedback they comprise – happy customers versus disgruntled customers, but at the end of the day, they are solely opportunities for you to interact and shape the public perception about your brand.

Social Mentions – are they really that important?

Let’s take even a closer look at how social mentions impact and help your brand or even, endanger your brand.

Social Media is a news pathway – what do the news have to say about your brand?

Given the fact people will look you up to see what others have to say about you, social mentions translate as pieces of news about your business spread all over the digital city. And one thing is sure, social media news consumers like convenience, speed and social interaction and so, you are one click or one tap away from getting scrutinized by the public eye and what your digital imprint looks like can seriously affect your business.

Taking this into consideration, you might want to focus on a clean image. Also, you should make sure every piece of info that has been digitalized about your brand has not echoed alone, without you noticing it and doing something about it, replying to it and basically, without having made sure you have proved that your customers voices are heard.

Tracking your social mentions can help you fend off a social media crisis

Tracking your social mentions are a necessity, not something you can opt out of, as you don’t want a social media crisis knocking at your door, do you? Basically, by means of monitoring, you can get ahead of potential issues. And it can also help you prevent issues from turning into a crisis. All you have to do is keep an eye on what people have to say about your brand in the online space. A tool that could help you out with the tracking part is Sether.

Jump in the conversation and make it matter, your customers will be happy

When it comes to social mentions, there is also the great opportunity of interacting with your customers and more important, allowing you to jump in a conversation. And of course, the amazing opportunity of jumping in a conversation and helping your customers in real time translates as a highly important trait for brands and it should definitely not be overlooked.

Wendy’s does a great work when it comes to jumping into conversation. Below we can see an example of how they replied to one of their customers, talking about the new episode of Game of Thrones and of course, about what dragons would eat.

A token access to Brand Awareness and Great Customer Support

If a brand is easily recognizable, people have the tendency to feel more confident when it comes to that particular brand. So, effective mentions are definitely an enabler for the recognition a business can get. Being known for a well-preserved reputation and having customers talking about you can definitely result in numbers increasing for your business, as people will be choosing you and your products or services. It is all about being present and different, it is all about being there when maybe your competitors are not.

And because people like to talk and share things online it seems that when a customer receives a response from a brand, they’re also much more likely to share that response within social media and they can easily become instances of brand ambassadors, all because you took the time to care for their requests or their opinion shared within the digital space.

An amazing case of great customer support belongs to Skyscanner, when they provided the perfect answer.


Instead of blaming everything on a glitch in the system, their customer support jumped in with actual things to do in case of a 47 years layover. They also helped out with the actual problem, needless to say.

And the internet loved it, Skyscanner got a lot of positive reactions:

So, please remember this – everything that you post on social media is brand-building and your customers are building alongside you.

A dish of customer insights is better served raw

Social Mentions are working their magic when it comes to accessing important information, in the sense that you can reach invaluable insights about your customers. And your potential customers. You can get to see how people interact and engage with your product or services by means of a few clicks. Quite impressive, right? And you would not want this opportunity going away without you taking advantage of it.

Tap right into social mentions and make the best out of them by tracking them – Track, track and then track some more – it will bring you quantitative and qualitative data about your customers. And having the insights will definitely enable you to improve your marketing, your products or services and all in all, your business, as you can deep dive into what your customers need and want.

And when you listen, you get rewarded.


Tracking and measuring social mentions can really benefit your business. If done properly, you will get to tend to your brand image, it will enable you to better understand your customers and be there for them, you’ll get useful insights, you will be able to boost brand awareness and visibility, differentiate yourself from your competitors and at the end of the day, deliver more than expected.

See what everybody is saying about you and make every interaction matter - set up your free Sether account now and tend to your digital imprint. Be digitally awesome!

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