Take Control of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy – Meet Sether’s Marketing Governance Feature

Taking control of your Social Media Marketing Strategy has never been easier. Take a look at the video below and see how easy it is to initiate a Marketing Governance campaign with Sether.

Using Sether will benefit you in countless ways, as you will see. And below there are a few of these benefits.

With Sether you enable a smart campaign negotiation

It may not be traditional, but it’s fair. You can use our services and make a different, more specific deal with the creative agency. Instead of a rigid “we create, you pay”, you can agree on a set of KPI objectives for the campaign, measure its effects with Sether, and pay according to the percent in which those objectives were met.

The deadlines and deliverables you agree upon with the agency will be influencing the final score of the agency, so they also become negotiating assets.

With Sether you can keep your budget in check

You can use Sether to maximize your campaign budget. First, the agency fee. You may agree to a maximum fee with the agency, but it’s spent only if the campaign scores 100% of the KPI targets projected at the beginning. This means that unless the agency does a perfect job – which would be brilliant – you can re-invest part of that budget to improve the results of your campaign. You can even attain better control on your media expenses, by reacting quickly to under-performing indicators.

With Sether you get to use simple rules to better manage your campaign

Each duty you or the agency commit to is carefully followed through by Sether, including each deliverable for the future campaign. If the deadlines you set at the beginning of the campaign are breached, the agency gets a lower score, according to the extent of the breach. This will better motivate the agency, give you more control, a better view of the project status and, again, may save you some of the budget.

With Sether you enable the long desired teamwork with the agency

Sether is not necessarily a rigid tool. The brand can decide, together with the agency, what part of the budget is secured by the agency, and what part is subject to change. Sether evaluates each campaign in two parts, each with its own budget allocation. The first part – Agency Evaluation – happens before the campaign starts, and only the deliverables are evaluated. Provided all materials are delivered in time, this part of the budget is pretty secure. The second part – Campaign Evaluation – regards the effect of said materials, and depends on their efficiency, so it’s trickier to get a full score. Since you can control how the fee is distributed between these two parts, you can make it harder or easier for the agency.

Drop us a line if you would like to talk more about the platform and its features or if you simply want to explore it, click here and start the exploration.

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