Networking at its finest: three excellent marketing venues in Germany

In today’s digital era, rapid changes tend to govern every aspect of the economic environment. Of course, marketing is no exception, especially since the digital side of the industry is gaining more and more traction. These rapid changes go hand in hand with accelerated growth. The soaring IT industry seems to boost and enhance everything it comes in contact with. Again, marketing is no exception, especially since martech became a thing. But what’s a marketer (or any person/business) to do in order to keep up with the ever-increasing flux of new technologies and best practices in the marketing industry?

On the one hand, the easiest method to stay in touch with the newest tendencies is to follow certain marketing-specialized news platforms and blogs. On the other hand, more experienced marketers know that networking is one of the stepping stones to success. This is the reason why today’s article is dedicated to the marketing scene in Germany, with a emphasis on special events. Of course, 2019 will host lots of marketing events. But for today, we will only try to highlight three such venues, that we find particularly interesting.

SearchMarketing Expo

One of the most exciting marketing gatherings is Search Marketing Expo in Munich. SME can easily be described as one of the biggest and most exciting marketing events across Europe. Truth be said, Search Marketing Expo is a global franchise, but for Europe, the Munich and London editions are some of the best the old continent can offer. A quick look over the featured speakers of the 2019 event (more than 80 marketing specialists) will provide an idea of the magnitude and importance of the event. This year's event took place at the beginning of April, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. In terms of SEO and SEM tactics and performance, SME Munich is the best event in Germany. For those of you who are interested, the 2020 edition is scheduled on 18-19 March. If you subscribe to the Newsletter of the event, you will receive fresh information about the topic, program, speakers and so on.


If you are more into American style marketing venues, OMR Festival in Hamburg might be just what you need. Featuring huge stages and audience halls, superstar speakers from around the world and an overall carnival atmosphere, the venue scheduled on May 7 and 8 is a must for every marketer (in Germany or elsewhere). But don't let the show fool you, OMR Festival provides its attendees with much more than entertainment. The numbers speak for themselves: more than 400 exhibitors,1000 Influencers, 5000 Brands, 1500 CMOs and a staggering 150 masterclasses. Now that's why they call it a festival.  Of course, with such numbers, the main topic of the event is, unsurprisingly enough, rather broad: digital marketing trends. But besides the main stage, there are several other thematically centered stages that zoom in on particular digital marketing issues.


The last entry on our list is the Next Conference in Hamburg, that will take place on 19-20 September. We have to say that the event in Hamburg is not on our list because of its size. This is by no means to say Next is a small venue. On the contrary. But what really sparked our interest was the topic of the 2019 edition: Parallelwelten (i.e.parallel worlds). This might be the best term to describe the present-day status of the marketing industry. The rapid IT developments gave rise to an immense wave of marketing possibilities …which coexist, but are increasingly losing touch with one another (as the event description puts it). Overall, the conference has a more philosophical approach, and we love it!

In such a complex configuration, budgets can now go in so many directions that one can easily get lost in these parallel worlds. This idea fully resonates with Sether`s development team. This tool was created with one specific purpose in mind: to centralise information from different marketing platforms (which are designed as closed circuits). Following the lines of the Parallelwelten metaphor, Sether acts as a navigation tool between different marketing parallel worlds. Come aboard!

Sether Superdata Omnichannel
Sether Superdata Omnichannel