Everything You Wanted to Know About SETHER – AMA – Telegram Session

A community whose questions get answers is a happy community. We truly understand the undeniable value of listening to your community and so, a few days ago, we’ve had an AMA (Ask Me Anything)session, held by O. Oancea, CEO of Sether, on our Telegram channel.

This was the first of many, as we plan to constantly have this kind of communication with our community. The questions that were asked during the AMA session and of course, the answers, are to be found below.

One last thing from our side.
We would like to send out a huge thank you to all the community members who are constantly supporting us. We will do everything in our power keep our community as happy as possible. And in order to do just so, we have great things coming up, making the Sether platform the place to be for agencies, brands, influencers altogether. KPI Development, Payment Monitoring, Proof-of-Performance are only a few of the many things we plan to integrate, so, keep an eye on us and spread the word about Sether – together we are making the crypto game stronger.

Be a Trend-SETHER!

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