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The digital marketing landscape is no idyllic meadow where customers flock peacefully, analyse all available offers and objectively choose the one that responds best to their needs. It’s a jungle where brands need to either be the fastest, the loudest or masters in using the element of surprise, if they want to attract new clients. And that’s not all. People can react to, review and rate virtually any product or service on the market, so all your careful planning can go out the window if your brand’s campaigns are not properly managed and monitored.

Needless to say, choosing the right strategy is no walk in the park. In the digital world, being fast is no longer enough, brands need to be in more than one place at the same time. And, luckily, there are plenty of digital jungles marketers can try to conquer.

The more platforms, the merrier

Recent developments in the advertising industry show that efficiency goes hand in hand with a consistent presence on as many channels as possible. However, managing more than one platform can be costly and cumbersome.

This is the main reason why a great deal of energy is spent worldwide on simplifying the marketing process. CPC campaigns need harmony and efficiency across various channels and brands need web-wide consistency. To achieve these results, marketers need to direct time and resources towards multiple channels (the more the better). Therefore, Sether envisioned a panopticon inspired dashboard that can integrate and automate the marketing processes. Powered by our AI, the Sether command center is designed to serve every type of marketing endeavour. Our monitoring tool can be used by small business owners, medium and large enterprises and marketing agencies alike. And we have one of the most friendly pricing plans in the digital jungle ;). The basic package is free, so let’s have some fun. And by fun we mean a data monitoring and analysis party using our powerful features.  


Would you like to track all your cpc campaigns, across platforms, in a single glance? Well, this is exactly what ourCampaign Monitoring function does. You can see real-time data from several running campaigns. All you need to do is to connect your accounts and select the campaigns you want to track on each platform. This means that you can make better data-driven decisions. For example, you will know in just a second if one of the channels has, for example, a better conversion rate. This way, every penny spent gets the chance to contribute to a more solid ROI.


Because of the intricate developments of the digital revolution, proper brand (or any type of media) management cannot be conceived without automating the process. It is virtually impossible to keep track of all online occurrences connected to your brand. This is why our tool scouts millions of posts indexed daily, including news and blogs. This allows you to keep a close eye on the brand development and act if something goes wrong. You only need to insert the keywords that you are interested in, and Sether’s automatic crawler will do the rest. Of course, this feature will grant you access to loads of valuable data that can be filtered to suite your interests and mirror your business goals.


In close connection to Media Monitoring, the last major function takes community management to a whole new level. Sether imagined a holistic approach to community engagement. This basically means that all the interactions with your target audience can be managed from a single window. You won't have to switch social media platforms to interact with your customer any more. Weather we are talking about comments on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, when any of your social media pages receive interactions, they will be grouped in one place, for you to review. But what is more important is that you don't have to leave the platform in order to respond. And this will obviously promote efficiency by increasing response rate and save the time spent on switching the platforms. Finally, offering a more consistent and friendly engagement is an important element of the omni-channel marketing technique. By using our Review Monitoring feature, you will be one step closer to the new standard of digital marketing.

Give it a try!

All in all, these three major functions are highly customisable. Data can be filtered according to your needs and presented to you in a friendly and intuitive visual manner. We want our users to focus more on the direction of their business rather than on the time-consuming details. We invite you focus on the big picture, and let technology manage the rest. Ready, Sether, Go!

Sether Superdata Omnichannel
Sether Superdata Omnichannel